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The IAM Outstanding Business Educator Award


The IAM council now invite applications for the IAM Business Educator of the Year Award 2024 which seeks to both recognise and encourage excellence and innovation in business teaching. The inaugural Award scheme was launched in late 2022 with the winners being Dr. Carolanne Mahony and Dr. Andrew Pope.


The IAM Business Educator of the Year Award aims to recognise and encourage excellence and innovation in business teaching. The Award is open to both individuals and/or team submissions. The winner will be chosen by a selection panel comprising of members from the Irish Academy of Management Council and/or other appropriately qualified expert(s).

The Awardee will receive a Certificate and Award along with being provided with a free registration to the Annual Irish Academy of Management Conference. In addition, the Awardee will be invited to present a masterclass on excellence and innovation in business education teaching at either the Annual IAM Conference or at a standalone IAM event.

A key aim of this Award is to recognise the excellence and innovation of teaching being undertaken within business and management schools in Ireland, and to promote and share this across our community. This aligns with the vision of the Irish Academy of Management to, “Enable the advancement of Ireland’s scholarly contribution to business and management, policy and practice for the benefit of society”.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for this Award, applicants must:

  • Be a member of the Irish Academy of Management. Details of current institutional members can be found here. If you are not an individual or institutional member then you can join by clicking here.
  • Be employed to teach business school courses. The Award is open to all levels of appointment and non-permanent faculty are also welcome to apply. Courses include all that are taught within disciplines/sub-disciplines that fall under business curricula within higher education.

Submission Instructions

Applications will be accepted by all that meet the eligibility criteria. Applications will be accepted by both individuals or teams. In the context of team applications, interdisciplinary approaches are welcome however there must be clear evidence of the business education aspect. A team is taken to mean two or more individuals.

To apply, please complete the appended application form and provide any relevant supporting materials. Applications must be submitted by email to no later than 5pm, 26th January. Please insert ‘The IAM Outstanding Business Educator Award’ in the subject line heading.

Late applications will not be accepted.

Selection Criteria

The panel will make the Awards decision on the basis of the information provided in the application form and any supplementary information/evidence. Applications will be considered in light of evidence of innovation and excellence in business education across one (or more) of the following categories. Key criteria that applications should demonstrate is the impact on learning and student centeredness of the approach.

  1. Innovative Teaching Approach: evidence of innovative teaching and learning practice (e.g. teaching methods, pedagogies).
  2. Innovative Learner Engagement: evidence of innovative teaching and learning approaches that foster active student engagement.
  3. Research Led Teaching: evidence of innovations in building connections between the research and teaching nexus and how research is embedded within the curriculum.
  4. Inclusion: evidence of innovative approaches that foster inclusion and promote high quality learning experiences that cater for our diverse student population.

The provision of evidence to support the application is important. The following represent some indicative sources of supporting evidence that may be useful:

  • Sample of teaching materials that demonstrate excellence and innovation in one or more of the above categories (e.g. module/course outlines, assignments, course hand-outs, recordings)
  • Student teaching evaluations/feedback
  • Peer observation/review
  • Publications – evidence of publication/dissemination of innovative teaching and learning approaches

Applications should focus on how their application clearly demonstrates innovation (e.g. creative/imaginative approaches) and excellence (e.g. impact of the initiative).

Word counts per sections must be strictly adhered to.  Failure to do so will make an application ineligible.

The Irish Academy of Management reserve the right not to confer the Award if the quality of the applications are not deemed sufficiently high.

For further information please contact Professor Anthony McDonnell (IAM Chair) or

What is a PhD virtual writers retreat?

What is a PhD virtual writers retreat?

This virtual writing retreat provides a block of time (2.5 hours each day over 5 days) to focus on the writing process. By writing within a community of other PhD students the aim is to facilitate your progress through mutual motivation and communal accountability.

This virtual event is facilitated by a senior academic who offers advice on writing strategies and general academic writing issues. The retreat is an opportunity to achieve some writing in a supportive environment. You will also meet with peers and discuss opportunities, challenges or strategies for writing.

Operational Details

Daily sessions apply the Pomodoro Technique.  The event draws on the Pomodoro Technique ( to structure short bursts of writing over a short period. The proposed daily format is:

10:00 Welcome and sharing of writing strategies

10:15 Pomodoro #1 (25 minutes/5 minute break)

10:45 Pomodoro #2 (followed by a short break)

11:15 Pomodoro #3 (followed by a short break)

11:45 Pomodoro #4 

12:15-12:30 Debrief and close

What do I need?

A computer with working camera and microphone, good internet connection and MS Teams access.

Am I eligible?

You are an eligible to take part if you are:

  • A PhD student
  • An Irish Academy of Management member or a student in an institution that has IAM membership (see
  • Are willing and available to attend all sessions during the week. 

The retreat is limited to 25 participants. 

For More Details:

For further information please contact 

For further information please contact Professor Anne Keegan at

The Irish Academy of Management extend our thanks to University College Dublin for hosting this PhD Virtual Writers Retreat.