The Irish Academy of Management is appalled by the ongoing military invasion of Ukraine. This clear violation of international law is causing the most tragic and needless of human suffering and loss of life. We at the Irish Academy of Management stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and its community of students, academics, researchers, and university staff and call for an end to this attack on human rights and democracy. As in all ongoing conflicts across the world, we call on all parties to respect international humanitarian and human rights law and we hope for hostilities to end and for there be a full return to diplomacy.

Academic autonomy and freedom must always be at the bedrock of university research and teaching. We also wish to acknowledge the courage of many Russian academics who speak out against this invasion and abhorrent violation of international law.

In our desire to provide solidarity, the Irish Academy of Management seeks to financially support Ukrainian academics in the broad fields of business and management. If you are able and interested in attending this year’s Irish Academy of Management annual conference, please contact to learn more.