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Proceedings of the IAM Conference 2014

University of Limerick

3-5 September

Editors: Dr. Michelle O'Sullivan & Dr. Christine Cross


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Keynote Presentation

Leading in Changing Economic Times. Prof. Wayne Cascio


Doctoral Colloquium

Thwarted? Age Stereotypes Of Middle Aged Employees – Implications For Career And Continuing Education Behaviour Pattern. Case Studies In The Context Of The Organisational Lifelong Learning Environment. Barbara Covarrubias Venegas

An Analysis Of The Factors Influencing Chinese Foreign Direct  Investment In Ireland With Particular Focus On Labour/Human Resource Considerations. Yanyi Wang, Patrick Gunnigle & Jonathan Lavelle

Developing Organizations, Leading Change, And Appreciative Inquiry Case Study. Michael Kuppinger

The Hope In Ecumenical Dialogue For The Conservation Of Biodiversity In Burkina Faso, West Africa. Donna L. Darr & Richard S. Darr

The Role Of Learning Processes In Knowledge Transfer Through Agriculture Extension Programmes. Rosita O. Kouwenaar

The Relation Between Organizational Structure And Psychological Climate. Jessica D. S. Himstedt & Roya Ayman

How Do Middle Manager’s Activities And Responses Contribute To The Organisational Reputation? Keiron Fletcher, Pamela Sharkey Scott & Vincent Mangematin.

Who’s Keeping Time? Careers And Casualties In A Long Hours Culture. Suzanne Carthy

Legitimacy and Isomorphism As A Strategic Management Tool In Citizenship Reporting Amongst Fortune 500 Companies: A Longitudinal Analysis. Gabriella Lewis, Sergio Palacios & Marcus Valenzuela

Workplace Mediation in Ireland. Treasa Kenny

Talent Management & Capital Mobilisation Of Skilled Migrant Workers: A Systematic Literature Review. Edward P. O’ Connor

HBR– Recession Proof? An Analysis Of The Harvard Business Review  Before And Afer The 2008 Global Crisis. Nicole S. Morris & Albert Mills

An Exploration, Analysis And Critique Of The Systematic Literature Review Process In The Business And Management Fields. Ciarán McFadden

Why Do Information Privacy Concerns Warrant Consideration When Implementing Electronic Health Record Systems? Grace Kenny & Regina Connolly

Framing The Impact Of Organisational Culture On Innovation. Frauke Wolf & Louis Brennan

The Impact Of Digital Information And Communications Technology On The Irish Advertising Industry. Aisling Curley


Main Conference

Delaying the Pain: Losses and Earnings Management. Mark Mulcahy & Ray Donnelly

The Winner-Loser Anomaly: Robust Evidence From Greece. Cormac O’ Keeffe & Liam A. Gallagher

Mindfulness, Breathing + Surviving Leadership. Clare Rigg

Corporate Good Housekeeping - A Feminist Lens On The Efficiency Narrative In Organisations. Liz Hayes, Clare Hopkinson & Alan Taylor

Management Educators In Practice- To Be Critical or not to be Critical that is the question. Judith Breen

Love Stronger than Death. Walter R. Baehrend Jr., Kathy Hopinkah Hannan & Bryan T. Frederick

Reconciling Employment And Eldercare: An Exploration Of Employed Caregivers Work-Life Conflict In Ireland. Caroline Murphy

Managing Innovation In Healthcare: Working Hard Or Working Smart? Investigating E-Healthcare Claims In Taiwan. Chien-I Chen, Rodney McAdam, Michael Brennan & Shirley Davey

Managing To Achieve "Unimaginable Shifts" In Work Practice, Behaviours, Attitudes And Systems/Processes In A Changing Climate. Anne McNeely

An Exploration of Leadership Behaviours At Head Of Department Level In The Institute Of Technology (IoT) Sector In Ireland. Neil O’ Sullivan & Alma McCarthy

Performance Management In Ireland: An Assessment Of Levels Of Practice. Kevin Corbett & Joe MacDonagh

An Exploration Of How Individuals Negotiate Their Identity As An Organisational Member Through The Construction Of Po Fit. Jennifer Hennessy & Thomas Garavan

Expert Careers For High Qualified Knowledge Workers And Generation Y. Désirée H. Ladwig & Michel E. Domsch

How Widespread Are High-Performance Work Systems In Spain? A Comparative Analysis Before And During Economic Retrenchment. Gabriel Pruneda

The Impact Of Employee And Employer Driven Flexible Working Arrangements On Hr Outcomes And Organisational Performance Across Seven Eu Countries. Elaine Berkery, Michael Morley, Siobhan Tiernan, Helen Purtill & Emma Parry

Work-life Characteristics among Older Employed Women and Men: Implication for Effectiveness and Well-being. Jeanette N. Cleveland, Gwenith G. Fisher, Katina Sawyer & Alma McCarthy

The Emergence of National And International Human Resource Management And Human Resource Development Standards. Aileen Murphy & Thomas Garavan 

Using Bifactor Model Of Personality To Predict Performance And Counterproductive Work Behavior. Nhung T. Nguyen & Michael D. Biderman

Stemming The Tide Of Workplace Bullying? Legislative Initiatives In Ireland, Australia And The United States Of America. Glennis M. Hanley, Anne O’Rourke, Terry Gorry & Phil Benson

The Psychological Contract And Turnover Intention: The Moderating Effects Of Social Status And Local Ties. Eoin Rochford & Margaret Heffernan

A comparative perspective on organised labour’s role in the attraction and retention of foreign direct investment. Jonathan Lavelle, Phil Almond, Maria Carmen Gonzalez Menendez, Patrick Gunnigle, David Luque, Sinéad Monaghan, Gregor Murray & Olga Tregaskis

Modes of Concession Bargaining and their Antecedents in the Great Recession: Evidence from Ireland. William K. Roche & Paul Teague

Social partnership and the trade unions: strengthening or weakening collective identity, membership and group solidarity. Daryl D'Art & Thomas Turner 

Gender Equality and Corporate Social Responsibility. Dominic Chai, Simon Deakin & Colm McLaughlin

Are We There Yet? New Realities for Senior Policewomen in the American Law Enforcement. Mary Anthony

Annual Hours Working And Mutual Gains: Do Workers Gain? Lorraine Ryan & Joe Wallace

Collective Bargaining Rights In Irish Law. Tom Gormley

Global Production Networks Influences In Supplier Development: A Case Study Of The Serbian Agri-Food Processing Sector.  Maeve O’Connell, Mohamad Yamin & Eva Alfoldi 

Entrepreneurial Orientation As An Impetus For International Entrepreneurship: A Resource-Based View Perspective. Farhad Uddin Ahmed

Strategy in multinational subsidiaries: An empirical investigation into the strategic activities of subsidiary general managers / MNC middle managers. Dónal O’Brien, Pamela Sharkey Scott & Pat Gibbons

Pioneering Irish graduate migrants: when will we reach a tipping point? Simon Stephens

Exploring the Concept of Knowledge Sharing Among Rural Micro-Firm Practitioners. Felicity Kelliher, Leana Reinl & Elaine Aylward

The Impact Of Government Funded Entrepreneurship Training On Small Enterprises In Trinidad & Tobago (T&T): Implications For Policy Formulation And Business Development Support. Jan Sookram

In-House Or Outsourcing Skills: Which Is Better For Innovation? Justin Doran & Geraldine Ryan

Micro Enterprises And Innovation. Ultan Faherty & Simon Stephens

Intergenerational Transfers in Irish Family Business: Investigating Succession Planning.  Anthony Greaney & Angela Wright

From Family Farm to Family Food Business: An empirical study on Farm Food Diversification. Eimear Hynes & Angela Wright.

Sustainable Business Development: An Irish Perspective. Tony Kealy

The SME and Entrepreneurial Sector in Ireland: A key to Economic Growth and Recovery? Gillian O’Driscoll & Angela Wright

The Learning Organization As A Path To Developing Dynamic Capabilities. Margaret Tallott & Rachel Hilliard

Building To Grow Or Growing To Build: Insights From Irish High-Growth SMES (HGSMES). Brian Harney, Colm O’Gorman & Rachel Kidney

Practising What We Preach: The Value Of Empathy In The Multi-disciplinary Team Entrepreneurial Education Process. Catherine Moylan & Breda O’Dwyer

Exploring the Role Of Facebook As A Collaborative Tool For Entrepreneurship Education In A Multi-Cultural Context. Gerard O’Donovan & Breda Kenny.

Developing a suitable NPD and knowledge management process for own label products in Irish food processing firms. Ronan O’ Farrell & Joe Bogue

The Leader I See Versus The Leader You See: The Relationship Between Self-Other Agreement Of Leader Identity And Leadership Outcomes. Louise Dineen, Michelle M. Hammond, Michael Palanski & Rachel Clapp-Smith

Do Individual Values Priorities Predict Intentions to Behave at Work? Malcolm Higgs, Scott Lichtenstein & Phillip Samouel 

An Examination of Gender Barriers In The Irish Accountancy Profession. Antoinette Flynn, Emily Kate Earlie & Christine Cross

Gendered Approach To Organisational Change Management: Differences In The Way Men And Women Manage Organisational Change In Nigeria. Jennifer Tarinabo Okolai & Jim Stewart

From Gemeinschaft to Gesellschaft: The story of modernisation, change and careers in banking. Aisling Tuite, Ray Griffin & Seán Byrne

Facilitators and Inhibitors of Distributed Leadership in the Workplace: A Literature Review. Anne Sweeney & Nicholas Clarke

The Impact Of Inclusion On Performance: Perceptions Of Nurses In The Irish Healthcare Sector. Deirdre O’Donovan & Margaret Linehan

Leader-Member Exchange, Engagement and Alienation in a Policing Context: The Mediating Roles of Voice and Silence. Na Fu, Edel Conway, Kathy Monks, Katie Truss & Kerstin Alfes

Meaningfulness and Hope – Toward Building More Robust and Sustainable Organizations. Sherri M. Black

Leaders In Self-Managed Project Teams? Zaleha Yazid

Post-Work Recovery And Psychological Detachment In Academia: Results From A Seven Day Diary Study. Victoria Hogan, Michael Hogan & Margaret Hodgins.

An Examination Of The Values Of A Market Orientated Organisational Culture. Jacqueline Byrne, Tomas Dwyer & Declan Doyle

Study Of The Influence Of Commitment In Social Marketing:  The Case Of “Coordinadora De Lucha Contra La Droga, Barrio Vivo” .  Araceli Galiano Coronil & María José Foncubierta Rodríguez

Viral Marketing: Its Influence On A Promotional Campaign. Shauna Dunne & Ann M. Torres

Assessing service Quality At An Irish University: Measuring Students’ Perceptions Of The Student Information Desk (SID). Naomh Cassidy & Ann M. Torres 

The Multi-Screen Experience. Niall Murphy & Kathleen Hughes

Exploring Whether Engaging In Social Media By Internal Audiences Influences Internal Marketing Communications In An Irish University. Angela McLaughlin & Ann M. Torres

An Appetite For Social Media In Irish SME Food Businesses? Helen Murphy & Angela Wright

Can Market Oriented Behaviours Lead to the Creation of a Market Oriented Organisational Culture? An Exploration of some Theoretical Evidence. Catherine Tiernan, Tomas Dwyer, Julie Mulligan & Janette Davies

Social Media, Netnography And The International Wedding Industry. Ann M. Torres & Alexandra Clionsky

The Counterarguing Mindset: A Pièce De Résistance. Brian Harman, Janine Bosak & Bob Fennis

Is Marketing A Profession? – A Student Insight Study. Catherine McGuinn

Explorative Investigation Of Digital Innovation Adoption In Fashion Retail By Female Fashion Consumers – A Marketing Viewpoint. Darryl Bannon, Aidan Daly & Philip McGovern 

Is Narrative Transportation Contingent On Service Hedonism? Kerrie Bertele, Chris Storey, Stephanie Feiereisen & Tom van Laer

Twitter: The Influence Of Celebrity Endorsement Within Online Communities. Sinead Kingston & Ann M Torres

Developing A Marketing Performance Measurement System: A Review And Research Agenda. Xiaoning Liang & Yuhui Gao

The Distribution, Retail and Consumption of Nutritional Supplements: An Irish Context. Julie Ann Walsh & Angela Wright.

Developing an Appropriate Research Methodology to Investigate Market Oriented Organisational Culture. Catherine Tiernan, Tomas Dwyer, Julie Mulligan & Janette Davies 

In Defence Of Process Inquiry In The Study Of Strategic Alignment. Anne Burke & Joe McDonagh

In Defence Of The Case Study Methodology For Research Into Strategy Practice. Jeff Hughes & Joe McDonagh

A Critical Realist Perspective Of Appreciative Inquiry: The Cocreative Dance At The Edge Of Chaos. Steve Carter

The Role of the Government on Impacting the Strategic Priorities of Ireland’s Public and Private Higher Education Institutions: Perspectives of Senior Managers. Ruth O’Donnell, Margaret Linehan & Rose Leahy

Strategy As Learning And The Animation Of Culture Change: A Participant Observation Study. Patrick T. Gibbons & Ruifang Wang

Programme Management An Institutional View. Noel Hassett, Paul Davis & Steve Martin

Using Appreciative Inquiry, To Developing A Strategic Plan For A Small Service Of People With Intellectual Disabilities. Richard Jackson & Dr. Melrona Kirrane

Emergent Strategy Development Processes In Small To Medium Sized Firms. Frances Cross, Tomas Dwyer & Declan Doyle

The Legal Profession: A Strategic Landscape – Views From The Fringe. Michael Nicell

Investigating Managerial Ambidexterity: Direct And Interaction Effects Of Motivational, Experiential, And Inter-Personal Antecedents. Ruifang Wang & Patrick T. Gibbons

I Wish I Was There : Emulating The Sense Of ‘Being’ In A Higher Education Virtual Learning Community. Felicity Kelliher & Cicely Roche

The Relationship between Concern for Environmental Sustainability and the Capacity for Wisdom and Other Factors among Postgraduate Business Students: An International Comparison. Bernard McKenna, Olaf Sigurjónsson, Auður Arnardóttir, Roberto Biloslavo, Cagri Bulut, Carlo Bagnoli, Subhasis Ray, David Rooney, Hannes Zacher, Wendelin Küpers, Mark Dibben, Rob Macklin & Jonathan Gosling

A Structural Debriefing For A Business Simulation Exercise. Oleg V. Pavlov, Khalid Saeed & Lawrence W. Robinson

Classroom Effects: Social Integration And The Persistence Of Higher Education Students. Tomas Dwyer

A Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) Framework in the context of a Social Networking Site used for Academic Engagement. M. Glowatz & Dr O. O’Brien

Through The Looking Glass: A Participant Observer’s Perspective Of Collaborative Learning In A Higher Education Classroom. Corinne Power O'Mahony

 A Comparison Of Self-Efficacy And Academic Achievement Between Latina And Anglo Adult Women In Higher Education. Sandra Roberts, Marilyn Marousek & John Rushing

Management Education: Using Multimedia Learning Software To Engage Students.  Robert Scully, Marilyn Marousek, Michael Provitera, Alvaro Carreras & Sandra Roberts

Business Acumen & the Arts. Examining an Educational Gap at CIT utilising the ADDIE Model. Angela Wright

Motivation And The Academic. Alan Johnston

Exploring The Student Response To Assessment For Learning – A Pilot Study. Patricia Bowe

Cloud Computing Adoption. An SME Case Study. Gerard Conway, Edward Curry & Brian Donnellan

A Stages Of Growth (Sog) Model For Managing A Social Media Business Profile (Smbp) For SMEs. Aidan Duane & Philip O’Reilly

Destination Visioneering: A Case Study Of Best Practice Tourism Hospitality & Food. Noel Murray, Anthony Foley & Patrick Lynch

Genealogy in Ireland – A Differentiating Tourism Tactic? Lorraine O’Sullivan & Angela Wright.

Tourism Flows and The Demand For Regional and City Theatres In Austria. Marta Zieba

Managerial capability for innovation in the Irish micro hotel sector: Empirical evidence from owner/ manager practice. Arthur Kearney, Denis Harrington & Felicity Kelliher

Learning In The Workplace: An Investigation Of Work Placements In The Hotel Sector.  Margaret Linehan & Irene Sheridan


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