2021 Irish Academy of Management (IAM) Annual Conference and Doctoral Colloquium, Waterford Institute of Technology

25th & 26th August, 2021

Conference Theme

Leading and Managing in 'Interesting Times': Learning for a Better Tomorrow

The expression  ‘May you live in interesting times’ has never been more relevant as it is now. Globally, we are witnessing and living through a period of history – in a variety of ways – that is unprecedented, uncertain and, at times, surreal. In this respect, ‘interesting’ undersells these times but is nonetheless true. None of us know what is to come, but we do know that what was once normal is no longer such; we are changed as people and as a society. On many levels and in many ways, the world has had to adapt profoundly, and so also must organisations, those who work within and those who interact with them. This presents fundamental challenges for leaders and managers as they explore this new landscape with ever changing – and at times contradictory – guidance to understand and implement. No organisation or sector is unaffected, and leaders and managers have reacted and coped differently. There are important learnings to be taken from what leaders and managers have done to date, what they plan to do and what they wished they did differently. Making decisions and choices with incomplete information is typically the remit of leaders and managers, but there are few reference points to assist here. So, how do they do it and how can such experiences be applied to different contexts?

On the receiving end of this ‘new’ leadership and management are the stakeholders – employees, investors, suppliers, customers, the public to name a few – and it is critical to understand their perspectives, their needs, their fears and their uncertainties. How can these stakeholders help in making these decisions and is there now a requirement for a more collective, collaborative effort? Indeed, what are the implications for competition between organisations – do they battle with each other for a share of an uncertain and heavily depleted pie or unite in some way against a common threat to preserve their joint futures and that of their sector? Are we seeing the beginnings of a new economic and social model, or temporary and reversible reactions? As researchers, we need to study leaders and managers – both those who succeed and those who do not – and their organisations in order to learn from them. If we can accept that we will be living in interesting times – in whatever shape – for many years to come, this is critically important and of social, professional and academic value.

Hosting Institution

Waterford Institute of Technology

The School of Business at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) were delighted to host the Irish Academy of Management (IAM) Conference 2021 and were excited to be the first Institution to host the IAM Conference in both a physical and a virtual space. The conference design was a dual-delivery conference that was engaging and interactive, allowing space for networking and collaboration. 

Conference Co-chairs

Dr Chris O’ Riordan, WIT

Conference Co-Chair

Dr Collette Kirwan,WIT

Conference Co-Chair

Dr Anne Sweeney, WIT

Doctoral Colloquium Co-Chair

Peter Windle, WIT

Digital & Web Specialist, Centre for Technology-Enhanced Learning

Keynote Speakers

Prof Anthony J. Nyberg

Professor Anthony J. Nyberg teaches courses in negotiations, compensation and performance management, and research methods. His research focuses on how organizations compete through people, specifically the strategic role of pay in their attraction, emergence, retention and motivation, including those in the C-suite. Professor Nyberg’s work has been published in top academic journals. He serves as an associate editor for the Academy of Management Journal and on the editorial boards of other prestigious management journals. Professor Nyberg has received numerous awards for teaching, reviews and research including awards for best dissertation, best published manuscript (twice) and career success, including being named a Featured Scholar and a Breakthrough Rising Star by the University of South Carolina. He also received the Early Career Achievement award from the Academy of Management. His research has been highlighted in major international media outlets, including Business Week, Time Magazine, National Public Radio, US News & World Report, Harvard Business Review and CNBC. With a particular interest in dark leadership, Anthony’s insights will be invaluable in pursuing a greater understanding of Leading and Managing in ‘Interesting Times’: Learning for a better tomorrow.  

Prize Winners

Doctoral Colloquium Scholar Award 2021, co-sponsored by the Irish Academy of Management

Awarded to Jessica Giannoumis, University College Cork and Marine and Renewable Energy Centre Ireland for her paper titled:‘Nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship in blue growth clusters’ 

Best Paper Award

Dr. David McGuire, Dr. Caprice Oona-Weissenrieder & Prof. Jane Ali-Knight; for the paper titled: Political Skill and Women’s Career Success: A Moderated Mediated Model