The Irish Academy of Management is the leading professional association for management studies, research and education on the island of Ireland. The academy was formed in 1997, when a group of academic staff and postgraduate students met at Dublin City University. During that meeting, the constitution was adopted. A copy of the constitution may be found here


The purpose of the Irish Academy of Management is to promote the advancement of research, knowledge and education in the field of organisation and management studies.

To further its purpose, the Academy pursues the following objectives:

>To build wider appreciation and acceptance of the science and practise of management;
>To provide opportunities for researchers to collaborate within and across the sub-area specialities of management;
>To encourage presentation and publication of scholarly research

Irish Academy of Management Code of Ethics can be found here

Details of IAM Council Membership can be found here.

History of the IAM's chairs, conferences and Irish Journal of Management

Chairs of IAM - Past and Current

2020 – Current

2017 – 2020










Anthony McDonnell

Felicity Kelliher

Margaret Linehan

Alma McCarthy

Joe MacDonagh (Acting Chair)

Alma McCarthy

Michael Morley

Thomas O’Toole

Roy Green

Kathy Monks

Jim Walsh

Editors of the IJM/IBAR* - Past and Current



2013- 2016        







*(IBAR began in 1978 and so preceded the IAM’s foundation)

Marian Crowley-Henry and Kristel Miller

Jonathan Lavelle and Michelle O’Sullivan

Edel Conway and Jonathan Lavelle

David Collings and James Cunningham

Kathy Monks

Patrick Gunnigle

Teresa Brannick

Bill Roche

Aidan Kelly

IAM Annual Conferences - Past and Current

2022- 25th IAM Annual Conference. Trinity College Dublin. Conference Chairs- Dr Na Fu and Dr Paul Ryan

2021- 24th IAM Annual Conference (Virtual): ‘Leading and managing in ‘interesting times’: Learning for a better tomorrow. Waterford Institute of Technology. Conference Chairs- Dr Collette Kirwan and Dr Chris O’ Riordan

2020- 23rd IAM Annual Conference (Virtual). Dublin City University. Conference Chair- Dr Margaret Heffernan

2019- 22nd IAM Annual Conference: ‘Responsible management’, National College of Ireland. Conference Chair- Dr Vivienne Byers

2018- 21st IAM Annual Conference: ‘Does management matter’. University College Cork. Conference Chairs- Dr Ronan Carbery and Dr Ultan Sherman

2017- 20th IAM Annual Conference: ‘Ireland 2017: Facing the business and management challenges of a post-Brexit World’. Queens University Belfast. Conference Chairs- Prof Geoff Simmons and Dr Kristel Miller

2016- 19th IAM Annual Conference: ‘Ireland 2016: Re-imagining business and the role of ethics’, University College Dublin. Conference Chair- Dr Colm McLaughlin

2015- 18th IAM Annual Conference: ‘Towards Socially Responsible Management?’ National University of Ireland Galway. Conference Chair- Prof Alma McCarthy

2014- 17th IAM Annual Conference: ‘Managing in a Changing Climate: Leading to New Realities’, University of Limerick. Conference Chairs- Dr Christine Cross and Dr Michelle O’Sullivan

2013- 16th IAM Annual Conference: ‘Scholarship of Integration- engaging communities of learning and practice’. Waterford Institute of Technology. Conference Chair- Prof Felicity Kelliher

2012- 15th IAM Annual Conference: ‘Transforming Management Research & Education’, Maynooth University. Conference Chair- Prof Graham Heaslip

2011- 14th IAM Annual Conference: ‘Making a World of Difference: Nation Building and the Role of Management Education’. National College of Ireland. Conference Chairs- Prof Jimmy Hill and Dr Colette D’Arcy

2010- 13th IAM Annual Conference: ‘Renewing the Management Research Mandate’. Cork Institute of Technology. Conference Chair- Prof Margaret Linehan

2009- 12th IAM Annual Conference: ‘Revitalising the Field: Innovation, Rigour and Relevance’. Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. Conference Chair- Dr Noel Harvey

2008- 11th IAM Annual Conference: ‘New Ideas for a New Century’. Dublin City University. Conference Chair- Dr Edel Conway

2007- 10th IAM Annual Conference: ‘Connecting Theory & Practice’. Queens University Belfast. Conference Chair- Prof Nola Hewitt Dundas

2006- 9th IAM Annual Conference: ‘New Models of Management in a Knowledge-Based Economy’. University College Cork. Conference Chair- Dr Breda McCarthy

2005- 8th IAM Annual Conference: ‘Creating, Managing, Practicing Knowledge’. Galway Mayo Institute of Technology. Conference Chair- Dr Noel Harvey

2004- 7th IAM Annual Conference: ‘Understanding, Shaping and Managing Change’. Trinity College Dublin. Conference Chair- Dr Mairead Brady

2003- 6th IAM Annual Conference: ‘Facing the New Management Education and Research Agenda’. University College Dublin. Conference Chair- Dr Sean De Burca

2002- 5th IAM Annual Conference: ‘Boundaries and Interfaces in Management’. Waterford Institute of Technology. Conference Chair- Dr Thomas O’Toole

2001- 4th IAM Annual Conference. University of Ulster (Magee College). Conference Chairs- Dr Terry Cradden and Dr Trevor Morrow

2000- 3rd IAM Annual Conference. Dublin Institute of Technology. Conference Chair- Dr Kate Ui Ghallachoir

1999- 2nd IAM Annual Conference: ‘Management Challenges in the New Millennium’. University of Limerick. Conference Chair- Prof Patrick Gunnigle

1998- 1st IAM Annual Conference. National University of Ireland Galway. Conference Chair- Dr Leo Smyth

1997- 2nd Conference on Management Research in Ireland: ‘Competitiveness through innovation’. Dublin City University. Chair- Prof Kathy Monks

The proposed Constitution for the Academy was voted on by Delegates and Adopted. The Academy was inaugurated.

1996- 1st Conference on Management Research in Ireland: “Management research: The way forward’. University College Cork. Chair- Dr Jim Walsh

At the 1st Conference a decision was taken at an open Forum to set up a Committee which would advance a variety of issues, including the drawing up of a Constitution for the establishment of the Irish Academy of Management. That Committee met throughout 1996/97 and crafted the constitution and deliberated on the Journal and the relationship with the existing journal, Irish Business and Administrative Research.