2024 Irish Academy of Management Annual Conference
Munster Technological University

The Next Technological Wave: Preparing for Disruption

Hosted by Munster Technological University | Bishopstown Campus

Recent advances in technology – particularly Artificial Intelligence  – point to a future that may see a remarkably transformed workforce and workplace. The advent of ChatGPT type technologies, the increasing applicability of virtual and augmented reality technology, and a populace that has been primed for greater technology adoption following the recent pandemic, are just simple examples that suggest the potentiality for major disruption in our ways of working. The challenge for various areas of business –management, marketing, accounting/finance and human resources – is to adopt and successfully embrace the new future rather than to fall foul of it. The resultant challenge for the research community is to assess the means by which we can better accept and exploit the coming wave of technological disruption, to communicate and lead the argument for change, while responding with the usual rigour in our research approaches. This conference will explore research from all business disciplines that reflects the changing technological world and its impact on the business environment.

Conference Co-Chairs

Dr. Rose Leahy, Munster Technological University 

Dr. Pio Fenton, Munster Technological University 

Keynote Speaker

Andrew Wyckoff

Andrew Wyckoff is a visiting Senior Fellow at the European University Institute’s School of Transnational Governance specialising in digital policy, a nonresident Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution supporting the Forum for Cooperation on AI and an adjunct professor at Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service.

In July 2023, he retired from the OECD where for more than a decade he was the Director of the OECD’s Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI).  In that role, he oversaw OECD’s work on innovation, business dynamics, science and technology, information and communication technology policy as well as the statistical work associated with each of these areas.  As Director, he represented the OECD in relationships with international organizations, including participating in G-7 and G-20 work on innovation, digital policy and excess steel capacity. Prior to being Director, he worked as the Head of STI’s Digital Economy Policy division at the OECD as well as Head of STI’s Economic Analysis and Statistics Division. 

His experience prior to joining the OECD in 1995 includes positions at the US Congressional Office of Technology Assessment as the Program Manager of the IT and Commerce program, the US National Science Foundation (NSF) and The Brookings Institution. 

He is currently a member of the Committee of Experts for the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF) Digital Gender Gap Study and a member of the Global Task Force on Predictive Analytics convoked by Igarapé Institute. Previously he has served as a commissioner on the Lancet Commission Global Health Futures 2030 and co-chaired the US National Academies’ panel on Developing Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators for the Future.

He is a graduate of Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government with a Master of Public Policy and the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with honors.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission: 06th March 2024

Full Paper Submission: 19th July 2024

Registration Deadline for paper presenters: 02nd August 2024

Doctoral Colloquium: 27th August 2024

Conference: 28th – 29th August 2024

In addition to the keynote speeches and paper presentations, the conference features:

Led by Dr Rachel Hilliard and Dr Maeve O’Sullivan, University of Galway.

Schedule subject to change.

10am – 10:15am Registration & Coffee

10:15am – 11am Session 1 Welcome & preparation for presentations/feedback (Dr. Maeve O’Sullivan)

11am – 1pm Session 2 Small presentation & discussion session 

1pm – 2pm Lunch

2pm – 3pm Session 3 Writing strategies session (Dr Rachel Hilliard) 

3pm – 4pm Session 4 Personal Development session (Prof Catherine Welch, TCD)

4pm – 4:30pm Coffee & Networking

4:30pm – 5:30pm Session 5 IAM Early Career Development Network Session

Presenters: Dr. Andrew Pope (University College Cork) and Dr. Carolanne Mahoney (University College Cork)

Chair: Professor Anthony Mc Donnell

This session will see the inaugural awardees of the Irish Academy of Management Business Educator of the Year Award present on their innovative, high impact learning approach at Cork University Business School. We are seeing an increasing number of one year master’s programmes. Such programmes require new approaches to assessment that balance relevance with rigour. One such approach is a sprint-based approach to applied research projects that mirrors how agile teams work in industry. This session discusses novel approaches to applied student research projects and discusses the lessons learned from an innovative research and development approach implemented at Cork University Business School. The session will involve a presentation and discussion/Q&A.

Professor Catherine Welch, Trinity College Dublin – Presenter at Session, Presentation title: “The Templates Trap in Qualitative Research – and What to Do Instead” by Catherine Welch

Professor Ulf Andersson, Mälardalen University – Presenter at Session, Presentation title: “Opportunities and Challenges of Publishing Qualitative Research”, by Ulf R Andersson

In this Special Session you will hear from internationally leading scholars on qualitative research. The scholars will discuss contemporary debates and trends of conducting and publishing qualitative research; including the use of templates as well as the challenges often embedded in successfully publishing qualitative research.

This session titled, ‘Industry 4.0 and Work’ will be chaired by Dr. Michelle O’Sullivan and Dr. Jonathan Lavelle. Four speakers will present cutting edge research in this area as follows:

Dr Huw Thomas The institutional context of Industry 4.0: AI, automation and augmentation in food manufacturing.

Huw is Assistant Professor at the UCD College of Business and works in the Human Resource Management and Employment Relations Subject Area. Prior to coming to UCD, Huw was at the University of Bristol (2016-2022) and before this was a Technical Officer at the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva (2013-2015). He obtained his doctorate from Cardiff University in 2018. Huw has conducted empirical research in a number of economic sectors including the maritime sector, food manufacturing/processing, agri-food sector, the higher education sector and civil aviation. Recently his research has looked at the digital transformation of work, transnational politics of the future of work (in particular in relation to global supply chains); activist-scholarship in the business school; and the impact of COVID-19 on social dialogue and collective bargaining. He is a Steward of the British Universities Industrial Relations Association (BUIRA). Huw has published in leading journals in the field of work and employment relations, including the British Journal of Industrial Relations; Human Relations, Work, Employment and Society; and the Journal of Business Ethics.

Dr Caroline Murphy and Dr Lorraine RyanChanging the game? The impact of digitalisation on job design. Dr. Caroline Murphy is a Senior Lecturer in Employment Relations, and Director of the MSc in HRM at the Department of Work and Employment Studies at the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick. Lorraine is a lecturer in Employment Relations & Human Resource Management in the Department of Work & Employment Studies.

Dr Conor McCabe – The regulation of algorithmic management in the workplace: legislative and trade union responses. Dr Conor McCabe is a Research Fellow at Queen’s Management School, Queen’s University Belfast. His research interests relate to trade union organisation and the social wage. He is currently working on an ESRC-funded project into employment conditions in online retail warehouses based in the UK. He recently authored Smoke and Mirrors: The Facts about Retails Workers Incomes in Ireland for the Mandate trade union.

Led by Dr Deirdre Curran from the University of Galway, this symposium will bring together key perspectives on hospitality working conditions including employee, employer, union, government, and academic experts. 

Representing the Global Hospitality Research Alliance (GHRA) Dr Deirdre Curran will present emerging themes from comparative studies on hospitality work conducted in Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Australia and New Zealand. 

Dr Finian O Driscoll will present the findings from an in-depth case study of ‘good’ practice as an illustration of how the lived experience of hospitality workers can be improved, whilst balancing the interests of people, planet, and profit. 

The symposium is open to conference delegates, and to all interested stakeholders, and will provide a platform for audience engagement.

Full list of session speakers are:

  • Ged Nash, TD Labour Party’s spokesperson on Finance
  • Prof Tom Baum, University of Strathclyde
  • Prof Dennis Nickson, University of Strathclyde
  • Claire O Connor , Snr Organiser Hospitality, SIPTU
  • Mr John Burke, CEO Armada Hotel
  • Paul Giles, hospitality employee Mc Caffrey Group Donegal
  • Marie Tonra, former hospitality employee, now Life Coach | Addiction Coach | Mental Fitness Coach

At this Special Session, Editors of national and international academic journals will discuss the factors to consider when writing papers for successful publication.


Professor Esther Tippmann, Editor of Journal of World Business

Professor Dennis Nickson, Editor of the Employee Relations Journal

Professor Kristel Miller and Dr Marian Crowley-Henry, Editors of Irish Journal of Management


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All accommodation is subject to availability.  Early booking is advised. 

Conference Hotel:  The River Lee

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