Irish Academy of Management PhD Virtual Writers Retreat Series
Hosted by University of Galway

Virtual Event: 08th - 12th May

The ECDN (Early Career Development Network) of the Irish Academy of Management are delighted to present its PhD Virtual Writers Retreat Initiative. This event will be hosted by the University of Galway following the successful event hosted by University of Limerick in November 2022. This series offers a collegial virtual environment to promote PhD academic progress facilitated by established academics. Its goal is to support progress in PhD skill development through mutual motivation and communal accountability.

What is a PhD virtual writers retreat?

What is a PhD virtual writers retreat?

This virtual writing retreat provides a block of time (2.5 hours each day over 5 days) to focus on the writing process. By writing within a community of other PhD students the aim is to facilitate your progress through mutual motivation and communal accountability.

This virtual event is facilitated by a senior academic who offers advice on writing strategies and general academic writing issues. The retreat is an opportunity to achieve some writing in a supportive environment. You will also meet with peers and discuss opportunities, challenges or strategies for writing.

Operational Details

Daily sessions apply the Pomodoro Technique.  The event draws on the Pomodoro Technique ( to structure short bursts of writing over a short period. The proposed daily format is:

10:00 Welcome and sharing of writing strategies

10:15 Pomodoro #1 (25 minutes/5 minute break)

10.45 Pomodoro #2 (25 minutes)

11:10 tea break

11:30 Pomodoro #3 (25 minutes/5 minute break)

12:00 Pomodoro #4 (25 minutes)

12:25 Debrief and close

What do I need?

A computer with working camera and microphone, good internet connection and MS Teams access.

Am I eligible?

You are an eligible to take part if you are:

  • A PhD student
  • An Irish Academy of Management member or a student in an institution that has IAM membership (see
  • Are willing and available to attend all sessions during the week. 

The retreat is limited to 25 participants. 

For More Details:

For further information please contact 

Dr Rachel Hilliard

The Irish Academy of Management extend our thanks to University of Galway for hosting this PhD Virtual Writers Retreat.